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200-hour Yoga teacher training (YA)
Budapest next to M3 metro Arpad bridge XIII. district 

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200 hour YA certified yoga teacher training Asramyoga studio Budapest

(with yoga for women, Spine yoga, Ayurveda, Fascia extra modules)

Dates of training 

16-17th Sept., 30th Sept. – 1st Oct., 21-22th Oct., 4-5th Nov., 25 -26th Nov., 9-10th Dec., 6-7th January exams 20-21st Jan. 

Our aim is to teach yoga from a multi-faceted approach within a holistic framework with skill and integrity to raise the bar of yoga teaching. Graduated teachers will be able to adapt yoga to their and their practitioners' individual needs.

We have planned this course in a way that during the course students go through a self-transformation to become a role model in their community and bring positive changes in their practitioners' life.

Reasons to become a yoga teacher with us

We built in adaptive yoga in the curriculum : How to tailor yoga science to individual needs for people with health problem. It is applicable to many chronic conditions (heart disease, indigestion, headache, diabetes, obesity, high BP, sleeping disorders, emotional stress etc.) We also explain ways to emotional healing and how to release energy blockages in the poses to activate our body’s own healing powers.

Sequences for the elderly, for gynecological / female, stress relief, restorative, yin yoga sequences, vinyasa flow yoga elements, power yoga, use of props, Iyengar approach, hip opening, detoxification, sun salution and moon salutation variation.

Graduates of this program feel empowered to teach a variety of yoga class types, including all levels off hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, spine yoga, alignment-based classes, yoga foundations, senior, gentle, woman, therapeutic and restorative.

We included more then 70 asanas with variations, props from beginner to advanced level. Our aim is that teachers should be able to maintain a continuous path of development in asana practice and understanding the underlying connection between them as well as using them for therapeutic reason.

We have 3 extra woman yoga day (hormone yoga day): We will discuss detailed soluitions for common woman issues as menstruation, fertility, menopause, hormonal imbalances etc. including ayurvedic and naturopathy solutions.

We have a Spine yoga day with 3D body analysis where we will speak about the anatomy of the spine, common spine diseases, how to cure them and how to practice yoga to avoid further injuries and to  heal back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip and spine issues.

Extra hours of teaching practice are built into the program, so practicioners will leave this training feeling confident to teach hatha yoga and yoga therapy in mind with Ajurvedic principles. From the 4th day there is a built-in teaching practice in each afternoon, so students get personalized feedback and guidance  to ensure a well-developed teaching practice is cultivated.

Small group teaching (max 12 people) enables personalized attention to students and empowers them with special skills suited to their personalities and circumstances to become a well versed, authentic teachers. Furthermore it allows to build a supportive and encouraging environment that will leave students with wonderful friends from all over the world

Course taken as a transformational, self discovery, self healing experience: It will deepen students yoga practice and it will take it to the next level as well as allow them to find out more about themselves and who they really are. They will learn principles, tools, and practices that balance their body and mind.



1 – 3 day: Asanas, variations, props, therapeutic approach, basic principles in teaching, alignment techniques, creative sequencing, how to observe, adjust, instruct and communicate effectively and clearly (teaching methodology 24 hours)

4 – 6 day: Functional yoga anatomy, Spine therapy, yoga therapy and functional physiology, philosophy (Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali yoga sutras, 4 paths of yoga, 8 limbs of yoga, 4 aims and stages of human life, spiritual concepts, etc.), teaching practice in the afternoons (yoga functional anatomy 13 hours) (Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle and Ethics 6,5 hours) (Practicum teaching 4,5 hours)

7 – 9 day: Yoga therapy, teaching practice in the afternoons, pranayams, bandhas, mudras, meditation techniques, philosophy (Patanjali yoga sutras and other important aspects of yoga philosophy and ethics (Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle and Ethics 8 hours) (teaching methodology 7,5 hours) (Practicum teaching 4,5 hours) (yoga functional anatomy 4 hours)

10 – 12 day: Basics of Oriental Medicine & Ayurveda, Yoga ethics and teaching methodology, Yogic lifestyle and healthy food cooking, kryas and daily, weekly, yearly detoxification western methods naturopathy, tools for mindful living and self-transformation, energy body (vayus, koshas, chakras) teaching practice  in the  afternoons (Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle and Ethics 16 hours) (Practicum teaching 4,5 hours) (Energy system 3,5 hours)

13 – 14 day: Women yoga, yoga flow basic principles (Sun salutation, Moon salutation), Basics of Yin yoga and restorative yoga. How to maintain and  improve fascia health, yoga poses for 2 people (Topics 11,5 hours) (Practicum teaching 4,5 hours) (Anatomy and movement pattern 8 hours)

15 – 16 day: Summary, additional teaching practice, written and practical exam


From 4 till 14th day every afternoon there is 90 minutes session for teaching practice, where students teach each other (Practicum teaching)


Daily schedule:

9.00 – 11.00 Asana practice and meditation

11.00 – 12.00 Analysing the sequence, alignment etc.

12.00 – 13.00 Lecture

Lunch break

13.30 – 16.45 Lecture, teaching practice

16.45 – 17.00 Guided meditation and relaxation technique by students from the 4th day

Tuition fee:

1100 Eur till 16th June 

1200 Eur till 15th July 

after 1400 Eur 

Meet our teachers:

Erika Dalma Nagy learned the science of yoga and basic's of Ayurveda from autentic masters and teachers during her nine trip to India. She holds an BA is philosophy and religios studies (Dharma Gate Buddhist University) and an MSC in International Management and Marketing from ESADE, Spain.  She has obtained two Yoga Alliance certificates in India, and she is also certified in Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal, Children, Woman and Spine yoga. She is uninterrupeddly teaches since 2010, and leading TTC-s since 2018. Many today renowned yoga teacher was trained by her. 

Krisztina (Nagyné Proksa) has been an active yoga practitioner since she was a teenager, having tried several types of yoga including hatha, spine, flow, acro, kundalini and yoga for women. She was a gymnast and worked as a gymnastics coach . She studied English at Peterborough Regional College in the UK and at the university of Pécs in Hungary, where she also studied psychology and human ethology. She has been teaching English for more than 30 years. She did her YTT at the Asram Yoga Studio. She is an enthusiastic vegetarian cook and married with 3 children.


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