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"Yoga is a survival tool in our modern life"

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My classes have a relaxed friendly vibe, but are still challenging.
I love to see the transformation in people from before to after the class. It inspires me and brings me happiness and peace that I can help people, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga and meditation is the best way to connect with your true self, come back to yourself, the perfect being underneath all the mind stuff. During classes I strive to channel all the ancient wisdom I have learned in India.


I have been influenced by many wonderful teachers from around the world. In last 10 years I have spent more than two and half year in India learning from Rudra Dev Brahmacharya senior Iyengar teacher. I have obtained two Yoga Alliance certificates in India, and I am also certified in Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal, Children, Woman and Spine yoga. I have participated and organized retreats and meditation weekends as well.


2018 Rishikesh - 1 month Iyengar yoga studies, Ajurveda  

2017   Mysore and Rishikesh - 5 month Ashtanga studies

2016   Rishikesh, India – 2 month Iyengar yoga, Ajurveda

2014   Rishikesh, India – 4 month Iyengar yoga, Ajurveda

2013   Rishikesh, India – 2 month Iyengar yoga, Ajurveda


2012 – 2013   IWI International Wellness Institute, 

                         1 / PT training certificate


2012   Padma Studio, Budapest – Yoga in pregnancy

            Ashram studio, Budapest – Yoga for children

            Rishikesh, India 1 month – Iyengar yoga lessons


2011  Mandala Studio, Budapest –Spine yoga

           Mandala Studio, Budapest – Yoga for women

           Rishikesh, India 2 month – Iyengar yoga lessons


2010 – 2013  Dharma Gate Buddhist University, Budapest

             BA Comparative philosophy and religion


2010  Yoga India Mysore (India) - Yoga Alliance RYT 200

           Pranava Yogadhama Trust Mysore (India) - RYT 200

           Ujenergia Studio, Budapest – Vinyasa Flow Level 1


2009  Rishikesh, India 3 month studies – Iyengar yoga

           Vetnikatan ashram, 6 weeks - Filosophy course 

2008  ESADE, Spain – MSc International Marketing


2001 – 2006 Budapest College of Management

                       BSc Finance 

My beloved teachers!
Rudra Brahmacharya Gurudev
Swmi Dharmananda
Jayakumar Swamishree
Bharath Shetty
Juhász Sarolta
Kovács Gyöngyi Naliní
Csiki Mariann
Gálik Éva

 Focus on alignemt 

Attention on joints

and internal organs

Iyengar institute Belur India


Yoga is not primarily about physical exercise, although this is a wonderful bonus. You are actually perfect the way you are, considering everything you have been through. 

Yoga is re-discovering our connection to Source. Through the Body and the Breath we can find a stillness of mind and direct our life-force energy ‘Prana’! 

Great power can be generated through the practice. Your own innate power is Love itself, that which holds the whole Universe together. The state of mind that you are in will only be amplified, so initial stability and grounding is paramount.

Private yoga teacher Budapest

Practice and all is coming

Pattabhi Jois 

Private yoga teacher Budapest
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Corporate yoga
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Yoga types

Iyengar yoga Budapest

Hatha yoga 

(Iyengar style)

With its clear metodology and precise musculoskeletal alignment is a complete approach to physical, mental, emotional and spriritual transformation. It uses the body to purify the mind and the soul. Asanas are held longer to discover each and every inert parts of our body and illuminate it with the light of consciousness.

Pranayama Budapest

Vinyasa Flow 

During class practicioner smootly flows through the well designed posture sequence, matching each movement with breath. The focus is on consciousness movement and grace which create the feeling of meditation dance, releasing and balancing energy in the body.

Women yoga Budapest

Applied yoga 


We only use those tools oF the vast toolbox of yoga which targets specific health issue.

Baranasi Shivaratni Puja
Traditional hatha yoga
Ganga Rishikesh
Morning puja at Ganga
Rishikesh streets
Yoga Study Center Rishikesh
Haridwar ghat
Iyengar practice


Yoga is 1% theory and 99% practice, but that 1 % is vital for effective practice. Lets get down to the subject:

Yoga anatomy articles

1) General anatomy 

More to come soon...


2) Women practice 

Women yoga articles
Erika Dalma Nagy Yoga teacher reviews

I am a sporty person. I do sport almost every day, and i thought that yoga can not be so hard for me to do, but after the first few lessons I felt every part of my body getting it is very effective and relaxing as well! I warmly advice Erika's Joga lessons because it is good for the body and the soul too. Andrea, Budapest

Erika Dalma Nagy yoga teacher reviews

Erika’s each and every class is a surprise, all of them are filled with secrets. Lessons usually are challanging and quite intense. There is a good vibe in the class, it is also very pleasant to stay there after class chatting and having tea. I am glad to be able to practice with her. Vivien, Budapest



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